Conjecture – Τέφρα

Conjecture ‘Τέφρα’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Just eight days before Sofia-based label Amek Collective releases “V” by Greek post-industrial artist Conjecture, Red-Giant.Net is proud to present ‘Τέφρα’. The first official video from the brand new full-length of audio-visual artist Vasilis Angelopoulos will throw you deep into the harsh sonic realms he’s exploring in his first vinyl appearance.

“V” is an anti-body statement. The individual’s disengagement from the human body and from all kinds of physical hypostases is portrayed through unconventional industrial sound forms. Sometimes being oneiric, sometimes frozen and aggressive, while in the same somewhat erotic, Conjecture’s musical expressions are well-constructed and climax into the literary metaphor of the human body deconstruction. “V” is dedicated to the process of seeking out the individual existence, which is able to occur beyond the barriers of life, death or creation.

“V” releases May 10th on a limited run of black-white marbled vinyl & digital. Pre-orders are already up via Amek Collective Bandcamp page.

Each track on the album reflects a fragment of a bigger entity, which by its end becomes whole. “V” unveils the materiality of flesh and the frailty of thoughts, personality and physical restrictions. Conjecture seeks a new concept for the human being and its very existence beyond logic. This album is an obsessive manifest against the flesh-cage, a hymn for the consciousness, found standing silent in the background and reflects the true nature and cause of personal existence.

The video was made by Dimitris Sakkas who used raw video footage done by Vasilis Angelopoulos.

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